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Elevate your landscape with Wyoming Sprinkler’s comprehensive services. From expert sprinkler installations and repairs to landscaping and year-round care, we transform outdoor spaces with precision and passion.

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Our Services

New Sprinkler Installation

Thank you for considering Wyoming Sprinkler to design and install an automatic sprinkler system for your yard. Wyoming Sprinkler, founded on the concept of honest, trustworthy customer service, is dedicated to the installation and maintenance of residential and commercial irrigation systems throughout the Big Horn Basin. Contact us today to learn more about our services, we’re happy to provide a free estimate as soon as you’re ready.

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Wyoming Sprinkler has been installing quality underground sprinkler systems for over 45 years.



We only use Rain Bird Professional Series products to ensure that you have the longest-lasting, most efficient sprinkler system available. To further protect your investment, we offer annual maintenance agreements and a full-service department.



A Wyoming Sprinkler system will save time, money, and water! No more dragging hoses around the yard. No longer will you have to find someone to water while you’re on vacation or wasting water by forgetting to move the hose. A Wyoming Sprinkler system will provide worry-free, efficient watering of your lawn all summer long!


The Wyoming Sprinkler Difference

You’ll find there’s a big difference between Wyoming Sprinkler and other contractors. We provide the best sprinkler system possible at a price that reflects our commitment to quality and customer service. We won’t “nickel and dime” you with callbacks either. We simply take care of you. No worries, no hassles.

Our Services


Sprinkler Repairs & Service Calls

While our specialty is designing and installing new, high-quality sprinkler systems, we gladly support existing systems, regardless of who installed them. So whether you have an irrigation emergency or simply need a tune-up, we’re ready to assist you.

Irrigation System Start-ups

  • Ensure proper irrigation water management
  • Avoid potential “unseen” irrigation problems
  • Keep your landscape looking great
  • Keep your sprinkler system operating at peak efficiency


With proper preparation, your sprinkler system might be protected from freezing temperatures. We’ll ensure your irrigation system is ready to withstand Montana’s Winter season.

Please contact us for more information about sprinkler repairs and service calls.

Filter Cleaning

We offer professional filter cleaning to optimize the performance and longevity of your irrigation system, ensuring efficient water distribution and minimizing maintenance needs.
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Annual Packages

Why you should sign up for our Service Agreement?

The purpose of our service plan is to offer our customers the advantage of having us automatically perform the contracted services year after year. This frees our customers from remembering to call us every spring and fall.


Drip Irrigation

Upgrade your irrigation system with Wyoming Sprinkler’s expert upgrades. Replace controllers with Rain Bird ESP-Me or ESP-LX for precision, and embrace water-saving drip irrigation solutions for gardens and plants.

SOD Installation

Revitalize your landscape with Wyoming Sprinkler’s professional sod installation service. Achieve lush, green lawns effortlessly with our expert team, enhancing your property’s beauty and value.
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